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Onion-shaped Den - small


This onion shaped den is my most popular playhouse shape - equally appealling to children, teenagers and adults.

The sloping sides are comfortable to lean against. The doorway is low but wide giving a sense of enclosure without being claustrophobic. The organic shape sits well among plants in the garden but would look stunning in an open plan interior space too.

This is the smallest I have made so far and is very cute! It measures just over 1m diameter at the widest point and is 150cm tall. It comes complete with a wooden base. Due to the size this one is definitely for children!

The dens are given two coats of a non-toxic varnish which will need to be reapplied annually. Because they are made from natural materials my willow playhouses will not last forever if kept outside but, if looked after, should give at least 5 years service.

I can only make playhouses in the Spring and early Summer when freshly cut willow is available. I have now come to the end of the season and I won't be able to make any more until January 2019. I only make 10-20 playhouses per year so, if you want to be sure of getting one one in 2019, you can pay a deposit and secure a slot in my order book for next season.

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