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The Podkin

The newest member of the family introduced in 2020.

Designed to be indoors in a playroom or a child's bedroom, it will fit through a standard door and up most staircases.

It is small so is aimed at younger children up to about 8 years old. Two toddlers could sit facing each other and anyone up to about 1m tall could stand up and move around a bit inside. If you buy one for a 2 year old they may well get 6 year's use out of it - starting as a playhouse and ending up as a reading pod. Kept indoors it will last indefinitely and could become an heirloom to pass down to grandchildren.

It shares the easily recognisable curvy shape of our onion dens but the shape is squashed front to back so that it doesn't take up too much space in a room. The curves really help to increase the volume inside. The Podkin has a lot more room at head height than a wigwam with the same footprint.

It's the ideal place to curl up with a book, have an afternoon snooze or simply to have a space that is just yours away from your siblings. Equally it can be the focus for games and role-play. It could be a tent, a castle, a space rocket, a boat or wherever your imagination takes you.

Woven using traditional basket making techniques and natural willow from Somerset on an integral slatted pine base.

The sticks at the top are cut shorter than for the onion dens and we can make an optional fabric 'chimney' to add a bit of extra character and some colour to your Podkin. One reversible colourway is available at the moment but we'll be adding more. Get in touch if you want to talk about options for a bespoke chimney to match your room.

Measurements: The Podkin has an oval footprint. At floor level it is 70cm wide by 53cm deep. At it's widest point it is 115cm wide by 70cm deep. The exterior height is 140cm. It weighs about 30kg and can be easily carried by two adults. If you're planning to put it in a specific room do measure all the doorways you'll need to go through to get there!

Because it's easy to move around you could put it out on the lawn for outdoor play on a sunny day.

Delivery: Currently delivery is to mainland UK only. Delivery costs £75 to this area. Please ask for a quote if you are elsewhere. Collection from my home studio in Farnham, Surrey is an option and is free. DO check measurements carefully to be sure it will fit in your vehicle first!

Of course you could use the Podkin in your garden but be aware, that like all woven willow products, it will have a limited life if kept outside, whereas indoors it should last forever. If you live in a terraced house and it's not possible to get one of our larger playhouses into your garden, then the Podkin may be a solution for you as it may be possible to carry it through your house to the garden. If you intend to use it mainly outside please choose the varnished option and follow our advice regarding maintenance.


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